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FREE $1 Milion Liability and $250,000 Comprehesive and Collision Insurance for Our Users
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Backed by the World’s Largest Insurance Companies

Our underwriters are among the largest and most recognized commercial property and casualty insurers in the world and have partnered with Outdoorsy to protect domestic and international Travelers.
Nationwide Coverage and Protection
Our premium RV insurance covers you in all 50 U.S. States, Canada, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Enjoy a stress-free trip knowing we have you covered.
Award-Winning Response Time
As an owner, you can count on us to take care of any situation quickly and provide you with access to alternative transportation while we do so. Contact Outdoorsy support anytime!
Complete & Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
You never know what might happen while out on the road. The good thing is that you can rest assured that we have you covered! Here are just some of the incidents covered by insurance.
Backup Accidents
Stolen RV
Power Surge
Fallen Trees
Animal Impact
We’ve Raised the Bar When it Comes to Trust & Safety
Rest assured we’ve got you covered. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage, roadside
assistance, award-winning customer support, and more.
Trust & Safety Checklist

DMV Driver Checks for Every Driver

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Award-winning Response Times

Safe & Secure Payments

Dedicated Outdoorsy Support Team

$1 Million Liability Insurance

$250K Comprehensive & Collision
“Outdoorsy’s handling of the issue convinced me to continue renting out...Outdoorsy is truly a quality company – great renters, great partners, great customer service.”
- Linda H., RV Owner
Coachmen Freelander 20CBT 2017
DMV Checks & Verification for Every Driver

To qualify for insurance for rentals, all users, domestic and international, must be verified through the our quick, online DMV verification process. It only takes seconds (International driving record checks can take from 1 hour to 24 hours). This background check insures that the safest drivers are participating in the Outdoorsy community.

Drivers must be at least 25 years of age, must have a current license and a clean driving history.

Comprehensive On-Demand
Roadside Assistance
Don't let a breakdown keep you from experiencing your adventure! Need help on the road? Outdoorsy has you covered. Our partnership with Coach-Net provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance for only $15/day.

Insurance for Owners

All qualifying vehicles that you list on Outdoorsy will be eligible for our insurance protection plan. Insurance protection is available to RVs, Travel Trailers, Truck Campers, and Camper Vans. The insurance protection excludes the vehicle that tows trailers unless it is listed on our site and is booked during the same time as your trailer. Motorized vehicles must be year 2000 or newer to qualify for insurance protection. Older Westfalia and VW Vans can be covered under the comprehensive & collision policy but will not be covered under our liability policy unless they are given a waiver by our insurance underwriters. Travel Trailers can be as old as vintage era and are eligible to qualify for coverage as long as they pass a mechanical safety inspection. Tow Vehicles must be year 2000 or newer to qualify for insurance coverage.

The Insurance protection program is offered to you at no cost, with no monthly premium and no monthly payment. It is a benefit that you enjoy for listing on and transacting through Outdoorsy. Best of all, the policy provides for $1M in coverage from the first dollar up, with no deductible. The Comprehensive and Collision policy features a $1,500 deductible. This coverage only applies during active trips with a DMV verified and approved driver. If there is no DMV verified or approved driver you are still eligible to rent your vehicle but there will be no insurance coverage on the vehicle. When your vehicle is not in an active trip your personal insurance would be primary.

We offer $1 million dollars in liability insurance, which protects you against claims from third parties and also covers third parties. You’re also protected against physical damage to your RV, up to the actual cash value at a maximum of $250K. The physical damage protection is for damages that result from collisions and comprehensive causes (such as fire or theft), with some specific limitations for acts of nature. The approval period to become qualified for Insurance protection takes no time at all. Provided that you qualify, your insurance certificate will be issued by Outdoorsy and will be ready for you in minutes.

$1 Million Dollar Liability
$250K Comp & Collision
Driver DMV Checks
Custom Security Deposits
Optional Roadside Assistance
Dedicated Support Team

Insurance for Renters

The application process is quick and easy. Before you rent your first RV, we ask for your payment information, and your Driver’s License information so that we can ensure you meet our eligibility requirements. In most cases, the driver eligibility check takes seconds, as long as we can verify all of your information and you have clean driving record.

In some cases, we may need additional information for verification purposes, and you will be provided with these requirements when you attempt to book an RV, travel trailer, camper van or truck camper, or you may go through our pre-approval process, so you’ll be ready when it’s time to book. If you do not pass your DMV verification process you will need to directly contact the DMV to obtain your official record. We cannot provide the exact reason for why it failed. If you do not pass your DMV verification, you will not be covered by our insurance policy.

When you pass your DMV verification, you won’t need to purchase a rental binder and there are no brokers or agents to call. It’s an easy and secure process and your information is never shared with anyone. Your insurance will then be activated and you will be covered the moment you pick up the keys to the RV. Just like RV Owners, who list on Outdoorsy, you are also covered under the same $1 million dollar liability policy and $250K in comprehensive and collision. The coverages protect you against claims from third parties and for damage caused to the vehicle. You’re protected against physical damage that you may cause to the RV, up to the actual cash value, and we won’t seek claims from your primary insurance company. Outdoorsy’s underwriters become your primary insurance provider during your renter period.

Domestic and International Renters

One Click, automatic coverage for both domestic and international renters. You can now accept renters from anywhere in the world. RVing or “Caravanning” in America and Canada is popular among Germans, Dutch, Belgians, French, Australians, New Zealanders and many more from around the world. Now they are all eligible for insurance through the Outdoorsy site and they do not need to obtain an insurance binder. It’s all done automatically through Outdoorsy’s simple, online service.

$1 Million Dollar Liability
$250K Comp & Collision
Secure Payment via Stripe
Optional Roadside Assistance
Still Have Questions?

Insurance can sometimes be an overwhelming subject. We really want to keep things simple while ensuring you are fully informed about your coverage.

For comprehensive details about our insurance policies or to sign up to have your RV insured through Outdoorsy, contact us at

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