Off Road RVs and Overlanding

Those who favor the rough side of camping might be skeptical of any RV labelled Off Road. Modern technology and innovative design, though, have made taking your RV off the grid possible. You can now drive to a place where only your canoe or hiking boots could go previously. Even some luxury RVs are now equipped to go where few or none have gone before. Here’s an overview to off road RVs and overlanding.

The Overlanding Adventure 

Off Road RV Off Roading
Lead vehicle from the 2016 Overland Expo

Taking your RV across the countryside, virtually heedless of the lack of roads or wilderness features that would normally block your path, is known as “overlanding.” This activity has become popular enough to warrant two yearly national expositions on the subject, one for the eastern half of the country, the other for the west. Each Overland Expo features the most hardcore and impressive collection of vehicles, along with the latest technology and travel resources. Some of the dominant brand names that are featured at these displays include EarthRoamer and Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV), companies that are as no-nonsense as their monikers imply.

Earth Roamer Overland Expo
An EarthRoamer from the Overland Expo

No Power, No Problem 

The first concern you might have about taking your RV off-road would be the lack of utility hookups. Fear not, as alternative power sources are one of the first distinctive features in many of these off-road RVs, right after the four-wheel drive and industrial strength engines. Off-road RVs are equipped with solar power along with conventional hookups, and are fully containable, efficient, and environmentally responsible.

global expedition rvs

These are not your typical campers and trailers, and their unique, industrial designs set the standard for a new type of RV lifestyle. From the simple converted Toyota to the most upscale luxury land cruiser, overlanding is the new trend in those who appreciate the freedom of the open countryside, beyond the confines of the conventional road.

John Mayer Off Road RV
Singer/songwriter John Mayer with his EarthRoamer ($500K pricetag).

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