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Fear RV Depreciation No More

RV depreciation: One of every RV owner’s biggest fears. After all, when you invest tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in something, you want it to retain that value for as long as possible. RV depreciation fear is real enough to stop some RVers from renting out their motorhomes. After all, more miles on a…

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Spring Cleaning Your Outdoorsy RV Rental Business

RV dealers with large fleets know it best: there are annual routines that will keep an RV rental business humming and growing. On Outdoorsy, new RV rental entrepreneurs are growing their own mini-fleets, and can learn from the practices of the pros. Use the practices of big guys! Here are 5 great tips to freshen up your own “fleet,” be it one RV…

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Your Comprehensive RV Maintenance and Tune-Up Checklist

As someone who rents out their RV, you’ll want to keep your rig (or rigs!) in tip-top shape at all times. The Outdoorsy insurance policy requires RV maintenance and upkeep to qualify for insurance, but this list is every more robust than that one. This is for the owner who really wants to go the extra mile…

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Mastering Your RV Awning Maintenance

RV awnings are notorious for causing problems. From forgetting to close them when you travel to mildew issues, there’s a lot to watch out for when dealing with an awning. Fortunately, most of these common issues can be avoided fairly easily. Try some of these tips below when dealing with your RV awning in order…

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Easy and Fun RV Makeover Ideas from Lazydays

Outdoorsy had the chance to speak with LazyDays Vice President and General Manager of Retail Accessories Linda Stephens about a big makeover project she recently undertook. She told us about how her RV remodel research about new glamping trends (glamping is a move towards glamorous camping, and refers to people wanting to bring the comforts…

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The Most Popular Rigs for Owners Renting Out RVs

As an RV owner renting out RVs you keep your eyes open for ways to stay ahead of trends. A great way to grow your RV rental business and beat the competition is to know which RV to invest in that renters will be attracted to lead to higher utilization rates and glowing customer reviews. 1.The Winnebagos:…

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The Hymer Aktiv is Carving Out a Cult-like Following

Each class of RV seems to have its own sets of fans. If you’re a Class B RVer — drawn to the size and maneuverability of Class B RVs (aka”campervans”), you probably love being able to park everywhere and take off and go when you want. The upscale Winnebago Travato or the Mercedes Sprinter, with its opportunities for build-outs,…

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The 5 Hottest Class A RVs on the 2017 Market

For many motorhome owners, the Class A RVs is the ultimate comfort you can experience on the road. The Class A RV is the mansion of the RV world. From the highest quality interiors to the sleekest exteriors, this class of RV is upscale quality at its finest. If you’re thinking of getting into getting a Class A in…

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5 Perfect RV Storage Ideas and Camper Space Saving Ideas

While staying in an RV has the potential to be an absolute blast, it can also be difficult, especially when it comes to RV storage ideas to be organized and keeping track of things. RVs don’t have much space to spare, so wisely using storage space is super important and RV storage ideas are what this…

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Upgrade Your RV Water Heater, RV Lights, RV Vents, and More

A home, but on wheels: When you think about it, an RV is a pretty amazing invention. Just because they’re amazing, though, doesn’t mean that these tiny homes couldn’t use some improvements here and there. After all, most motorhomes and travel trailers are not made to be lived in. Their internal components like their RV water heater systems weren’t made with long-term…

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